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Janet Jackson (and her choker) in the 1993 video for "That's the Way Love Goes"

The Cold War ended. Rudy Giuliani became mayor. Bill Clinton was inaugurated (and Hillary got her own office). Philadelphia, Angels in America and Beavis and Butt-Head all premiered. Michael Jordan retired from basketball. The first blog was published.

A lot went down in 1993. And the latest New Museum exhibit, “Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star,” lays it all out--spectacularly.

Named after a Sonic Youth album also released that year, the collection of art, installations and artifacts examines hot-button issues of the time and how even 20 years later these touchstones influence our politics, culture and art. Gay rights, health-care debates, global strife and recovery economics--sound familiar?

Since the entire building is dedicated to the topic, we suggest starting at the top, on the fifth floor. The elevator opens to 12 boxy TV sets that serve as a month-by-month timeline of the year, flashing video clips, sound bites and historic reminders (essentially Gen X pop-culture candy).

Then, as you wind down through the floors, be sure to spend time at our favorite piece: a wall filled with handwritten anxieties on legal paper, reminding us not to judge the slacker by his cover.

Through April 25; New Museum, 235 Bowery (at Prince St.); 212-219-1222 or

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