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Purely Elizabeth
Purely Elizabeth's pumpkin fig granola

We?ve all been there: It?s 4 p.m., our eyelids are heavy and that arugula salad is a distant memory. Rather than running to the nearest bodega, stock up on healthy, locally made snacks to get you through the afternoon lulls.

Vegan chocolate Resist all you want, but a sweets craving could strike at any moment. Keep the good stuff on hand--like NibMor?s pure dark chocolate treats ($5.75 for a box of seven individually wrapped bites)--so you?re not springing for M&Ms.

Handmade crackers Forget preservatives and weird, unpronounceable ingredients. Z Crackers are baked fresh with natural ingredients like kalamata olives, red onions, basil and rosemary ($6.50 a box).

Small-batch granola Marathon afternoon meetings call for more than just coffee, and we?ve long relied on Early Bird Granola?s organic rolled-oat mixes, which are good enough to eat by the handful. Choose from flavors like sour cherries and pistachios or southern pecan ($24 to $27 for a pack of three bags). For those with dietary sensitivities, Purely Elizabeth is an absolute lifesaver--especially now that the four varieties (cranberry pecan, pumpkin fig, blueberry hemp and original) come in perfectly portioned mini packs ($22 for a box of eight).

Now get back to work.

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