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Plan as we may, sometimes things just slip through the cracks (er, like the time we forgot our best friend's birthday). Here are three new mobile apps that can help in a pinch--and fast.

Shopping It's not just for antique teapots anymore: eBay recently launched a new NYC-specific iPhone app, eBay Now, that can deliver almost anything--from a flat-screen TV to an umbrella--in under an hour. And it will cost you only $5 an order (seriously). Watch out, Amazon.

Odd jobs and advice We all love TaskRabbit, but a new iPhone app, WunWun, takes the concept a step further. Order immediate deliveries (say, if you?re sick and need someone to bring you medicine) for a flat $15 fee, book general services (like hanging a shelf) for $2 per five minutes, or get free concierge-like advice (for example, where to take your gluten-free, vegan sister for dinner tonight).

House cleaners Eep. It?s your turn to host cocktails, but despite best intentions, your place is a mess. Download the Get Maid app (for iPhones and Androids) and an experienced, insured house cleaner can be at your door within two hours ($45 an hour, including tip). Now you can focus on the hors d?oeuvres.

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