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There?s no denying that the Internet has changed the way we shop. But there are certain categories--like cosmetics--that we?ve for some reason resisted buying in the virtual world.

A new locally based line, MAKE, has officially changed that.

Thanks to gorgeous photos of the actual put-on-your-face products (not just the packaging), you can preview everything from the true-to-complexion shades of the foundation ($33) to the vivid eye shadows ($18). This said, you can also order free samples should you really want to see the stuff up close.

As if it weren?t enough that the line is legitimately fantastic (both online and in person), MAKE is, at its core, focused on giving back.

Under the socially conscious umbrella of We See Beauty, a third of all sales goes to an internal non-profit foundation committed to building a women-led, worker-owned co-op in Brooklyn (to produce natural cleaning supplies and personal-care products). So rather than the ubiquitous one-for-one charity model of late, We See Beauty creates jobs and has a lasting effect on our local economy.

Never have we found a better reason to buy lipstick.

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