When we’re looking to wet our whistles, we’ve long turned to Rosie Schaap, beloved author of The New York Times Magazine’s “Drink” column, which is written with a warmth and depth not often found in typical nightlife commentary.

Now, in her new memoir, Drinking with Men, she gets personal--telling the stories of bars she loves and the rotating cast of characters she’s met along the way.

Starting with the MetroNorth bar car, which she visited weekly as a teenager (an anecdote you may have heard if you’re a This American Life listener), she winds her way through college, an enlightening stint abroad, graduate school and finally adulthood in Manhattan and Brooklyn--all told from the barstools where she became a regular.

For Schaap, bars have always been more about the camaraderie than the cocktails (though she does love a good Irish whiskey), and her story is, above all else, a profound and touching search for community, both here in New York and across the globe.

It’s a fantastic read for the long winter nights ahead, especially with a glass of clinking ice cubes in hand.

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