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Rawpothecary's creamy nut milk blends

With the recent barrage of winter germs, we?re reminded that raw juicing isn?t just for the cleanse-happy. It?s also an excellent immune-boosting measure that we could all stand to--er--squeeze into our daily routine.

And it?s never been more convenient to grab a bottle.

Thanks to the Juice Press?s latest West Village flagship, there are now five spots of the local chain where you can pick up more than 30 different concoctions, like the ?Volcano? ($8), made with the anti-viral and anti-bacterial oil of oregano. (And be on the lookout for Soho and East Village additions to spring up next month.)

Or try Rawpothecary, a new line of vitamin-rich juices and nut milks (we love the amino-acid-building ?Heavenly Hemp,? $5), which are produced in Long Island City and available at neighborhood health stores and Gourmet Garage.

If you live or work in the Financial District, your organic options have been limited--until now. Magic Mix Juicery (102 Fulton St.) recently opened to offer downtown folks a variety of juices and smoothies, like the vitamin C-packed ?Cold Cure? ($10).

Should you get hit with one of those nasty viruses, of course, see a doctor (and for the love of God, get off the subway). But before or after, a little nutrition never hurts.

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