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As New Yorkers, our lives are in our handbags. But all too often, we throw an apple in with our shoes, smush a lipstick tube with our laptop and find ourselves elbow-deep in the perpetual search for a Metro card.

So imagine our delight upon discovering subway-ready compartmentalized bags from Oscar and Anna.

Take the line’s sleek Cleo tote (starting at $468): It has a top zipper that opens into a shallow upper pouch, so your keys, phone and wallet are easily within reach. Meanwhile, vertical zippers on both sides reveal a larger, lower compartment perfect for stashing a pair of heels, your iPad or a bottle of wine. And padded handles make it actually comfortable to carry around all your crap.

As if that weren’t enough to love about the line, the bags (which come in a variety of shapes) are designed by a local, Anna Zefferys (Oscar is her gorgeous Vizsla pup), and are even manufactured right here in the city.

While nothing will save us entirely from the daily schlep, a better-designed bag will definitely lessen its annoyance.

Available at Anna, 330 E. 11th St. (between First and Second aves.); 212-358-0195 or

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