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While we choose to spend our extra dollars on weekend getaways and orchestra-level Met tickets, Brooklyn-based collage artist Mark Wagner has other designs for his.

Co-founder of the innovative Booklyn Artists Alliance, Wagner uses hand-cut snippets of dollar bills to render stunning, tapestry-like scenes that are allegorical commentaries on corporate America (one depicts George Washington as a circus ringmaster).

In his latest opus, Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death, Wagner examines the power of the almighty dollar while showcasing its oft-overlooked intricacies: We were blown away by the beautiful shadows and silhouettes in this George Washington picture and palm-tree landscape, and the mind-boggling attention-to-detail in these peacock and lion interpretations.

The exhibit, on display at Chelsea's Pavel Zoubok Gallery through August, concludes with a 16-foot-tall reproduction of Lady Liberty--an undertaking that took one year and more than 1,000 dollar bills to construct.

The most exciting component of Wagner's work is being able to get a piece of it: his most impactful prints are now ours to collect. Whether you browse the offerings or donate a dollar to an upcoming collage, it's easy being green.

Pavel Zoubok Gallery, 533 W. 23rd St. (between 10th & 11th aves.); 212-675-7490 or

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