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Cowboy Cookies
Baked's cowboy cookies made with oats, chocolate, pretzels and more

No two New York neighborhoods are alike. It’s what gives our city its charm--and edge. So when one falls behind (say, after a devastating storm surge), the rest won’t stop until all parts of the whole are back up to speed.

That’s why we were thrilled to discover All Hands on Deck, a new digital cookbook ($15) that directly supports Red Hook’s small-business recovery.

Included are 25 recipes from the area’s best restaurants, like crab cakes from Brooklyn Crab, a warm chickpea salad from Backyard Supper Club, cowboy cookies from Baked and a flourless chocolate torte from home/made. But more than just the food, it tells the story of the tight-knit Brooklyn waterfront community through historical biographies of the businesses and a moving forward by The Village Voice’s restaurant critic, Tejal Rao.

Each purchase gets you five downloads, so you can put it on both your laptop and iPad (or Kindle) and even share with a few folks.

That said, it is for charity, so maybe just tell your friends.

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