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Sprout Home
Succulents from Sprout Home

Like it or not, ladies, we’re in for another few months of this gray business outside. So what better time to spruce up your digs? Sure, you could paint, rearrange or redecorate entirely. But for a quick fix, houseplants instantly brighten a space with little to zero effort. Here are a few indoor-appropriate ideas:

In a corner Even the smallest apartment can accommodate a potted tree, like our favorite, the fiddle leaf fig (about $150). It’s also the easiest way to transform a neglected corner, as it draws the eye upward and adds depth. Paradise Plants (112 W. 28th St.) carries a fantastic selection, delivers around the city and even offers free care consultations.

On a coffee table For those who’d rather start small, grab some simple wheatgrass from the Union Square Grassman (about $4 to $16) and place it in a chic square container. (Jamali Garden is our personal go-to spot for vessels; 149 W. 28th St.) All you need to do is mist the blades daily and trim occasionally.

On a windowsill If a hands-off approach is more your style, try super-durable succulents, which you can easily order in terrarium form from the likes of Greenery NYC or Brooklyn’s Sprout Home (anywhere from $30 to $300).

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