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What do Scrabble, Big Bird and the Chrysler Building have in common? They were all designed by former students of Brooklyn?s Pratt Institute--and are on display in the school?s free anniversary exhibit ?125 Icons: A Celebration of Works by Pratt Alumni and Faculty 1887-2012.?

We popped by last week, and honestly, it kind of blew our minds.

Products of the school?s talent pool include iconic cartoon characters (Betty Boop, the Pink Panther and Tom and Jerry), graphic design milestones (the logos for IBM, Dunkin? Donuts, Ghostbusters and Saturday Night Fever) and history-making architecture (ranging from the Waldorf Astoria to America?s first mass-produced suburban housing). Even Michael Jackson?s ?Beat It? video, the Heisman Trophy and those ubiquitous restroom gender signs are in the mix.

While the collection is mostly presented in photographs and small-scale works (sorry, no actual Ford Thunderbirds or 1920s airplanes made it to the Chelsea gallery), it?s an incredibly eye-opening look at the correlation between arts education and the things we see and use in our everyday lives.

But be sure to catch this gem before it closes next week (January 19). We promise it?s a lunch hour well spent.

Pratt Manhattan Gallery, 144 W. 14th St., 2nd fl.; 212-647-7778 or

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