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You may be past the days of scrutinizing MTA maps or asking strangers for the nearest F station (hello, Hopstop), but getting from here to there in NYC can still be a pain. Luckily, a new crop of apps and websites are making the process easier than ever.

CabSense Ever wonder if you're standing on the wrong corner for hailing a ride? Find out where to be with this handy website and app (free for iPhone and Android) that analyzes GPS data points from city taxis. Plug in your current cross streets for an instant map showing nearby cab-dense locations.

NextTrain The subway's electronic-signage efforts are well and good once you're in the station. But we like this new $2 app (again, for iPhone and Android) for finding out--above ground--when the next train is coming. Choose your line and station for (accurate!) information on when trains are arriving in each direction.

BusTime Since bus schedules are about as reliable as your teenage nephew, we're super excited about the MTA's new live-tracking initiative, currently available for the M16, M34 and Brooklyn-based B-63 busses, with more lines coming soon. Find arrival times online or by texting BusTime directly from your stop.

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