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Best of 2012
Alcohol-infused cupcakes from Prohibition Bakery

It wouldn’t be called the “city that never sleeps” if we New Yorkers weren’t constantly on the pulse of all things trendy. And 2012 was no exception. From time-saving services to ingenious food fusions, here are our favorite finds of the year.

TACKLE that to-do list (or new Ikea bookcase) with a hired helper from TaskRabbit. [Read more]

GET your nails done without ever leaving your desk: Manicube makes office calls. [Read more]

ORDER cupcakes infused with booze from Prohibition Bakery. Your party guests will thank you. [Read more]

TEXT and walk collision-free using smartphone apps that turn your camera into a see-through window behind your messages. [Read more]

RECYCLE your outdated leather jackets into custom purses, thanks to designer Shannon South. [Read more]

EAT your way into a Gruyère coma at the new sit-down restaurant from Murray’s Cheese. [Read more]

STALK your favorite real estate with the click of a camera phone (and the app HomeSnap). [Read more]

BOOK multiple boutique fitness classes from one convenient place: [Read more]

GO gluten-free without sacrificing legitimately delicious carbs. Free Bread convinced us. [Read more]

READ up on our city’s oldest and quirkiest holes-in-the wall in New York Originals. [Read more]

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