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The Fitzgerald Family Christmas
"The Fitzgerald Family Christmas" photo courtesy of Tribeca Film

On our (and everyone else’s) holiday moviegoing list: Les Misérables and Zero Dark Thirty. But in addition to the obvious heavy hitters, sometimes a merely pleasant, quaint flick can be a nice change of pace. Here are a couple locally set indie movies to consider checking out over the upcoming break.

The Fitzgerald Family Christmas Written and directed by Ed Burns, this is an especially comforting story for those of us all too familiar with family dramatics. Here, a Long Island Irish family struggles with the idea of spending Christmas with the father and husband who abandoned them some 20 years prior. It also involves a love-story subplot featuring Friday Night Lights’ Connie Britton. Sold.

Hyde Park on Hudson We will never tire of the Wes Anderson-ized Bill Murray as of late. (If you haven’t already, you seriously must see Moonrise Kingdom.) But in this film, his famously dry wit portrays a much different character--that of legendary president Franklin D. Roosevelt. He stars opposite the likes of Laura Linney (playing FDR’s mistress) and lightheartedly relives the summer of 1939, when the King and Queen of England visited America (upstate New York) for the first time.

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