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Listen up, boozehounds: Brooklyn has a new small-batch distillery on the scene--but this one is different. It’s solely helmed by a lady. Get to know the Noble Experiment.

Bridget Firtle--a Rockaways native with a passion for the Prohibition Era (her family home’s basement was once a speakeasy)--recently took over a warehouse space in East Williamsburg where she has taught herself the art of distillery and single-handedly runs every aspect of the business, including mashing, fermenting, packaging, selling to local hot spots and sharing it all with the public.

The best way to experience the Experiment is to hop on one of Firtle’s personal Saturday tours and tastings ($10). During the hour-long session, she’ll not only show you how the liquor is made (heavy machinery included) but will also provide a little insight into how the city’s alcohol game has historically played out over the years--from gangster bootleg rum-running to legal artisanal production.

Afterward, have a drink on the house--the Noble Experiment’s debut dry white rum, dubbed Owney’s after Owney Madden of the Gopher Gang. (Her locally grown grain whiskey and seasonal infusions will be available soon.)

Learn a little; drink a little. It sounds like a Saturday well spent.

23 Meadow St., Brooklyn; 718-381-3693 or

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