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Despite finally polishing off all those Thanksgiving leftovers, a looming calendar of holiday (eating) commitments will soon be upon us again. It only seems right to sneak in a quick cleanse--the only hitch being that whole cold-juice-in-40-degree-weather thing.

For a warmer approach, think soup from the Splendid Spoon.

Formerly Sea Bean Goods, the Brooklyn-based soup-delivery company has shifted its focus from simply gourmet purees to a calorie-conscious revival program.

Here?s the deal: For every day of your plan (sold in two-day increments, starting at $50 a package), you eat a healthy breakfast of your choosing, then a Splendid Spoon soup for lunch and dinner. But these aren?t your sodium-insane canned varieties from the grocery aisle. Every hearty meal is vegetarian or vegan (with at least two servings of vegetables), gluten-free and never more than 300 calories. Some are even under 200, like the outstanding butternut squash variety we tried. Other seasonal flavors include kale and white bean, carrot and apple, and spicy sweet potato.

With each delivery, you?ll receive a fact sheet of nutritional and local sourcing info courtesy of the health-minded chef. This way you?ll know exactly what you?re getting--at least until the parade of passed apps kicks offs.

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