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Among the various skills every savvy New Yorker needs to have, a working knowledge of wine ranks pretty high. Inevitably, though, the more you know, the more there seems left to learn.

So today: Get to know the Tempranillo grape of Rioja.

Native to the Spanish winemaking region, the varietal is known for producing smooth, velvety reds--perfect for the colder months (and hearty meals) to come. Pair the Rioja Tinto Reserva--which has an earthy aroma and notes of fennel and sweet spices--with risotto, ratatouille and pork. Or for an even more robust flavor, go for the Rioja Tinto Gran Reserva. Thanks to hints of dried cherries and cinnamon, it goes well with winter stews and duck.

And to celebrate the recent International Tempranillo Day, Vibrant Rioja is giving away a trip for two to the region--meaning for six days and five nights, you could stroll, eat and drink your way through the charming villages of Rioja.

We’ll drink to that.

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