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The People's Bootcamp
The People's Bootcamp works out in Central Park in the warmer months

In a time of luxury gyms and niche fitness classes, it?s easy to forget that we don?t actually need any of that over-the-top stuff to get in a good workout. And a new program, The People?s Bootcamp, reminds us of just that. You can tone up without ever stepping on a treadmill, lifting a weight or paying $40 a class.

Founder Adam Rosante (TV producer by day, private trainer by early morning) led us through a 45-minute series of heart-pumping, strengthening and stretching moves--all using nothing more than our own body?s resistance. Yes, that meant tons of push-ups, jumping jacks, running knee raises and more. And trust us: It kicked our butt.

Of course, the military-esque boot-camp approach is nothing new, but the key here is accessibility and positivity. Hoping to reach beyond his on-camera celebrity clientele, Rosante (who is a genuinely upbeat, motivating guy) keeps the program as bare-bones as possible. That way, you simply pay what you can. Just reserve a spot for class online and name your price--no judgment, just a seriously intense workout.

During the fall and winter months, classes are held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. at Ripley-Grier Studios; 939 Eighth Ave. (between 55th and 56th sts.);

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