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We'd love a pair of perfectly fitting jeans. We'd also like a date with George Clooney and a live-in masseuse.

Luckily, one of our wishes just came true: Scott Morrison, the brains behind Paper, Denim & Cloth and Earnest Sewn jeans, recently opened a new custom-made-denim studio, 3x1, where your ideal pair is only a consultation away.

The name represents the company's three different processes: remaking, refitting and developing. Say you miss those Calvins you wore to death in the '90s: 3x1 tailors will remake the style to your exact specifications. Love their limited-edition pairs ($295 to $495) but want one with a higher waist? That's a refit. Lastly (and most exciting), if you envision jeans that elongate your legs and flatter all the right places, have a pair developed from scratch.

Appointments never overlap, so you'll have the SoHo studio--and its 11 expert tailors--all to yourself. You'll be involved in everything from cut and fabric to pocket and belt-loop placement. Consider it the ultrachic version of Santa's workshop.

At $1,200 a pair, 3x1's bespoke denim isn't cheap, but we've easily spent that much on six pairs of ill-fitting jeans.

Short of finding the chupacabra, this could be the discovery of the ages.

15 Mercer St. (at Canal st.); 212-391-6969 or

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