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Non-GMO is to 2012 as nonfat was to 1992. But after decades of swinging between 100-calorie snack packs and red meat for every meal, today’s fad diet (pure, non-genetically modified foods) is finally the one that makes the most sense for the long haul.

That’s the philosophy behind Hu Kitchen: Eat clean, as humans are meant to.

Sure, there are other places around the city that offer gluten- and GMO-free food, but none are presented in such a relaxed and accessible environment. The market-restaurant’s layout is set up in quick, convenient ordering areas.

Up front is organic coffee, fresh-pressed juice and a “mash” bar (a take on the yogurt-bar concept); in the rear are the prepared-food stations, both hot and cold (serving everything from rotisserie chicken to quinoa bowls, our favorite). Then, should you skip the takeout option, a casual seating area in the upstairs of the exposed bi-level space is perfect for low-key breakfast meetings, quick workday lunches or chill evening lounging, thanks to its gorgeous combo of stainless steel and reclaimed-wood furniture.

The only thing it needs now is a location in every neighborhood.

78 Fifth Ave. (at 15th St.); 212-510-8919 or

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