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There are a handful of things we seem to always be searching for: a rent-stabilized apartment, a seat on the 6 train during rush hour and a neighborhood salon that recognizes there?s more to our look than just our hair.

Salon SCK solves at least one of those problems. The full-service hair salon--comprised of Vidal Sassoon vets who are certainly capable of giving a killer cut--also has one of the coolest things we?ve experienced in a long time: a customized makeup bar.

After personalized applications ($75) in the sleek, naturally lit space, makeup artist Giella Poblocki is able to create foundation, bronzer, blush and lipstick on the spot to match your exact skin tone (fair, ebony and everything in between). Thirty minutes after our own session, we walked out with custom bottles of liquid foundation ($48) and lip gloss ($28), made from noncomedogenic and fragrance- and allergy-free ingredients.

Poblocki can even duplicate any lip, nail and makeup shade from a tiny sample--so our discontinued Lancôme palette and limited-edition Chanel polish can live to see another day.

Now if we could just find that rent-stabilized apartment?

1845 Broadway (between 60th and 61st sts.), 2nd fl.; 212-265-1700 or

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