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We fancy ourselves a worldly bunch, and although our homes are filled with treasures found from our own travels, a new curiosity shop on the Upper East Side offers charming and eclectic pieces to complement them.

Creel and Gow, opened by seasoned collectors Jamie Creel and Christopher Gow in the former stables of Grosvenor Atterbury’s townhouse, purveys one-of-a-kind items the two have sourced from trips across the world, spanning Europe, Asia and Africa.

Decorated like a personal library, the store is organized by beautiful museum-like shelving displays that showcase its impressive selection of preserved natural items, such as framed butterflies (starting at $2,500), deconstructed lobsters and crabs (starting at $2,000), silver-coated seashells ($150 to $250) and 20-million-year-old fossilized clamshells (starting at $5,000). As you can see, some items can be pretty pricey--with certain works of art fetching even as high as $30,000--but there are more easily attainable items like silver wishbone trinkets ($25 each) and amethyst-and-mineral votive holders ($75 each).

Nothing will ever top the sentimental loot from our favorite expeditions, but at least now complementing them is easier--and closer to home.

131 E. 70th St. (at Lexington Ave.); 212-327-4281 or

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