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For some super-athletic New Yorkers, surfing is a summer pastime enjoyed off the coast of Montauk. For the rest of us, it’s a semi-extreme sport that evokes frightening scenes of crashing waves, man-eating sharks and bad Keanu Reeves impersonations.

But now you can get the surfer’s signature lean physique without having to brave the ocean, with SurfSet Fitness at Chelsea Piers.

The key to the 50-minute indoor workout ($35 a session) is the RipSurfer X apparatus--essentially a surfboard anchored to three mini BOSU balls--and the instability that forces you to engage your abs and legs just to stay on. Some of the moves include faux paddling with resistance bands, a core-burning pop-up in which you go from lying stomach-down to standing and a push-up-like technique used to “duck” under incoming waves. Add in squats, lunges, Pilates moves and yoga poses and you’ve got one serious calorie-burning workout (400 plus a class).

Afterward you’ll realize why surfers have such incredible bodies: Our triceps and shoulders were so sore, we could barely hold on to the subway’s overhead handrail. But maybe after an entire off-season of practice, a next-summer outing won’t sound so scary?

SurfSet at the Sports Center at Chelsea Piers, 20th St. and Hudson River Park; 212-336-6000 or

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