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On the list of trendy workouts that terrify us, TRX easily vies for the top spot. (For those of you who are boot-camp aficionados, congrats: You?re in better shape than we are.)

But for strength-training beginners like us, the Barre X class at Pilates ProWorks hits the challenging-but-not-too-scary mark.

With a combination of ballet barre exercises we felt comfortable doing and ceiling-suspended band work we cursed for days, Barre X mimics the training routines of Cirque du Soleil acrobats. No, really: The teacher who developed it actually toured with one of the shows.

After an up-tempo cardio warm-up, the killer pop soundtrack helped us power through the series of core-stabilizing moves such as floating planks, single-leg lunges and standing side leg swings (all while your legs hang from the bands). And because you?re using your own body weight for resistance, modification is a breeze. Hi, did we mention we?re beginners?

Even though it?s offered only once a week on Sunday mornings, Barre X is ideal to try with a girlfriend before brunch. The class we attended was filled with workout buddies about to hit the mimosas--at which point we realized we were in good company.

Pilates ProWorks, 47 W. 14th St. (between 5th and 6th aves.); 212-929-6106 or

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