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Boring salad or lackluster sandwich? Deciding on lunch is one of life’s greatest annoyances. Thankfully, a new office-catering company has arrived to reinvent the way we eat during the workday. acts as a liaison between your group and exciting local restaurants. Think less Lenny’s Sub Shop and more trendy food trucks--all without ever having to wait in line. Started in San Francisco to meet the lunch needs of Silicon Valley’s busiest tech companies (including Adobe, Dropbox and Klout), it recently landed in Manhattan and the orders are racking up.

Here’s how it works: Your group--whether it’s an office of 50 or a department of five--delegates a point contact, who chats with a representative to develop a delivery schedule that suits your group’s exact needs. It could be a daily rotation of super-nutritious finds, a weekly burrito binge on Fridays or just the occasional spread to entertain clients. (The company is known for handling lunch orders, but any meal of the day is fair game.)

From there, takes care of everything else, from recommending unique restaurants and meeting individual dietary requests to scheduling and delivering to your specifications. All you have to do is show up and dig in.

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