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September might as well be the New Year for New Yorkers. We?re back from the beach and reenergized for the inevitably jam-packed autumn ahead of us. Our closets, however, are another story. Before splurging haphazardly on trends, consider what your fall wardrobe might really need: a stylist. Not just for Hollywood starlets, a fashionable confidant can be as instrumental to your personal appearance as that interior decorator was for your living room.

If You Want Only a Few Outfit Pointers? Once responsible for Stacy London?s looks on What Not to Wear, Allison Berlin and her team at Style Made Simple provide a range of services, but their most interesting asset has to be their foolproof approach to everyday dressing, as outlined in their downloadable e-books.

If You Want Your Current Collection Reimagined? Megan Evans of The Well Coiffed Closet transitioned seamlessly from the world of red-carpet publicity to home de-cluttering. She offers several packages, but we?re most impressed by her knack for planning unique ensembles from what you already have.

If You Want an Entire Image Overhaul? Longtime corporate image consultants Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo of Visual Therapy are our pick for the total package--especially if you are gunning for a big promotion or need a serious revamp. They translate your style goals into a mission statement before ever stepping foot in a store.

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