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It?s 2012, folks. We do everything online. Why are we still bugging our friends for their housekeepers? numbers? takes all the guesswork out of booking an extra hand. After entering your zip code (only available in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx for now) and number of bedrooms, you can receive an instant quote, schedule an appointment and pay, all in a matter of minutes.

Now to the nitty-gritty: To give your place a good old-fashioned scrubbing, we recommend the Get It Clean option to start. It?s ideal for newbies before launching into the suggested biweekly schedule or if you just need a onetime deep clean before a big party or hosting weekend houseguests. First-time customers even receive a 15 percent discount on this service (bringing it to $105 for a typical one-bedroom abode). Then, for regular appointments, schedule the less-intensive yet still perfectly thorough Keep It Clean service ($78 for a standard one bedroom).

All the cleaners are trained, insured and bonded, and they use a 50-point checklist for consistency?s sake. Dust on the doorframes? Backsplash behind the stove? It?s now as easy as ordering takeout.

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