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As much as we love a good cleanse (and how flat our stomach looks afterward), we often find ourselves beelining to the nearest bagel cart the second our spinach smoothies run out. But now a food-based cleanse program (yes, they exist), Urban Detox Club, goes beyond flushing out toxins and actually teaches you to eat better every day.

For the basic 14-day ?Join the Club? program ($299), you?ll be assigned a nutrition coach who takes you through three steps: an initial three-day elimination (slowly removing possible allergens like wheat and dairy), a week of clean eating (with detailed meal plans, recipes and shopping lists provided) and a final few days of reintroduction to the eliminated foods (in a rational, non-binging way).

But the big news for us New Yorkers is that on September 14, Urban Detox Club is launching a fresh-meal-delivery service ($949 before delivery fees). So instead of you worrying with the middle step, chef Jesa Henneberry will whip up a week?s worth of impossibly delicious (trust us), organic meals--including the likes of tempeh bacon salad and spaghetti squash pad thai--and deliver them to your door.

Get in on the action this month with a PureWow reader discount: $15 off "Join the Club" and $20 off "Join the Club Deluxe."

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