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We'd all like to eat better and have more energy, but some things are easier said than done.

So we were thrilled to meet Robyn Youkilis, a board-certified holistic-wellness coach whose simple, realistic approach to wholesome eating has helped clients shed pounds, lower blood pressure and even get a better night's sleep.

A graduate of the acclaimed Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Youkilis offers easy tips for living a more balanced, energetic life (no calorie-counting, ever). Her counseling services are customized to clients' individual lifestyles: Don't have time to cook? She's got lots of healthy take-out options. Want to eat less red meat? Try her vegetarian, protein-dense recipes (we could eat her coconut-lime rice with tempeh every day).

Wellness packages start at $175 a month, and include frequent consultations, one-on-one shopping trips to health-food stores, and membership to her cooking club, where Youkilis will teach you to prepare delicious, nutritious meals out of her East Village apartment each month.

Instead of making us swear off the calorie-laden foods we love, Youkilis has helped us upgrade our diet with more greens and whole grains, and weaned us off our 3 p.m. caffeine-and-candy run with Goji berries and black-currant juice.

Maybe miracle workers do exist.

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