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Regardless of whether you?ve just moved into a new place or simply have the redecorating itch, we can all agree that painting is a pain. Instead of suffering through drop cloths and sloshing trays (or bribing your teenage neighbor), call on MyPaintTeam, a new way to find reliable local painters.

With the click of a mouse, you can hire a professional team in the New York area--one that won?t streak your walls and doesn?t take three weeks to finish the job. First, fill out a simple questionnaire to get an estimate. An interiors expert will then schedule a walk-through to go over all the details, like choosing the perfect color using the company?s interactive Colorjive technology (where you upload a photo of your space to test new hues online) and figuring out your preferred method (like brush, glazing or even custom murals).

Got large holes left in the wall from previous tenants? MyPaintTeam can also spackle, repair cracks or install new drywall if needed. All jobs are insured and include a visit from a professional supervisor. The best part: You never have to rinse out a brush.

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