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We’ll spare you the obvious heat-wave references (it’s July in Manhattan; you get it), but for a refreshing pick-me-up, check out some of the latest offerings in summer treats:

Imperial Woodpecker Sno-Balls New Orleans takes its sno-balls seriously, and that’s exactly what Louisiana native Neesa Peterson has brought to the city: authentic icy treats that put the syrupy carnival concoctions of your past to shame. With 46 pure-sugarcane flavors ranging from fruity classics to nectar-cream favorites and even inventive imaginings (like wedding cake and mojito), IW Sno-balls is a must-try--especially when topped with condensed milk. 124 MacDougal St. (between W. Third St. and Bleecker); 251-366-7777 or

Forbidden Fruit NYC Just down the street, this delicious chocolate-dipped-fruit bar opened last week. Choose from the likes of berries, pineapples and clementines to cover in white, milk or dark chocolate and even sprinkle with walnuts or coconut. 106 MacDougal St. (between W. Third St. and Bleecker); 212-671-1222 or

Gelato Ti Amo Sometimes nothing beats good old-fashioned ice cream. But if you’re going to treat yourself, don’t settle for something out of a truck. Treat yourself to a cup from the new all-natural Gelato Ti Amo shop (the Tuscan company’s first location outside Italy). We’re fans of the pistachio, which is made from Sicilian nuts. 68 Second Ave. (at Fourth St.); 212-432-2800 or

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