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Friends Tim O’Malley and Jay Winters have long loved Seamless Web for ordering working lunches and late-night dinners without leaving their desks. So wouldn’t it be great, they thought, to apply the same time-saving technology to dry cleaning?

Their new company, Brinkmat, does just that by connecting busy New Yorkers with area laundromats, cleaners and tailors willing to pick up, service and deliver your clothing.

After signing up, enter the items you need handled; we, for instance, wanted to dry-clean two blouses and hem a pair of pants. Brinkmat then shows you all the local businesses willing to pick up your order (there were five near our Midtown location), along with how much each will cost and how soon they can come. In other words, you can comparison shop laundry services with just a few clicks.

Once you’ve selected a cleaner, you’re prompted to set up pickup and drop-off times (with a doorman is fine) and pay, conveniently, by credit card. Brinkmat doesn’t cost anything extra beyond the recommended delivery tip. Plus, PureWow readers can enjoy 20 percent off their first order by signing up here.

Consider it an excuse to buy more dry-clean-only items.

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