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Buying new electronics can mean hours of tech-y excitement. Getting rid of old electronics, however, often entails little more than eBay-confusion and failed attempts to cram a VCR into a basement trash can (supers rarely like that).

Enter 4th Bin, the only NYC-based company that will pick up e-waste from your doorstep for stress-free recycling.

Founded last year in response to a new law that penalizes the mixing of electronic waste with regular trash, 4th Bin is an easy and inexpensive way to responsibly get rid of TVs, computers, cameras, microwaves and more.

Give them a call or fill out an online form detailing what you're looking to unload, and they'll get back in touch to coordinate a pick-up time and quote (prices vary based on what you've got, but generally range from $10 to $15 for big-ticket items). Not a homebody? No worries: 4th Bin allows you to leave items with a doorman.

Once they've got your equipment, they'll assess its value and accordingly refurbish for reuse or send to their recycling partner (where it's broken down to its raw components and given new life). Meanwhile, you can rest assured that your busted printer has gone to a better (non-landfill) home.

The 4th Bin, 307 Seventh Ave., suite 1207 (between 27th and 28th sts.); 646-747-5985 or

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