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Although we misplaced our library card years ago, we?ve just discovered a new, more tech-forward way to get our nose in a book.

Late Night Library is a nonprofit organization that spotlights unknown (but well-worth knowing) authors and their works. Erin Hoover and Paul Martone, a poet and a fiction writer, respectively, began the monthly radio program while completing their MFAs as an extension of their topics of literary conversation.

Based out of Brooklyn and Portland, Oregon, Hoover and Martone discuss new writers and books every month. The free podcasts, available on iTunes, range from discussions about debut titles to late-night conversations with authors and literary innovators.

Our favorite recent podcasts have included commentary on Hannah Pittard?s acclaimed novel, The Fates Will Find Their Way; prose from Holiday Harmony?s Negro League Baseball; and a dialogue about why more fiction writers aren?t claiming the Pulitzer.

If you?re left wanting more, you can also suggest a book for consideration and attend author-related events throughout the five boroughs.

The best part is you don?t have to obey the rules of quiet hours.

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