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As much as we like jogging outside with our headphones on, we’re usually too immersed in our tunes to hear that oncoming bicycle behind us.

Instead of turning down the music or hoping for the best, we’re giving earHero a try. Developed by an audiologist, these new headphones ($149) let you listen to music without blocking sounds from the outside world, so you can walk, run or ride without fear of getting hit by a reckless taxicab.

Unlike conventional headphones, earHero utilizes tiny, top-quality buds that occupy a small portion of the ear canal, so you can still hear atmospheric noises while music comes in loud and clear. A barely discernible wire makes for subtle listening while outer ear-retention locks keep things in place when you’re on the move.

Compatible with most portable media-playing devices, the miniscule headphones give you the freedom to chat on the phone or have conversations while you jam out, and they reportedly prevent against hearing loss.

Yes, the minimalist design takes some getting used to, but we’ve safely navigated blaring horns and sirens since making the switch.

Drowning out crying kids on the subway, however, is another story.

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