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Eataly's Neapolitan pies, vinos and olive oils taste so delicious that we often want to bathe ourselves in them.

Lucky for us, we now practically can, thanks to the Italian superstore?s new beauty nook.

En route to the pasta counter, you?ll find a trove of sustainable, spa-quality Italian and local-made products inspired by the beauty benefits of the country's foods. Eataly?s experts handpick each offering, including a few we can officially no longer live without.

Love Nature Candle ($26) The exclusive-to-Eataly limoncello scent may be Brooklyn-made, but one sniff takes us to Nonna?s house, where a fresh-baked lemon cake is right out of the oven.

Santa Maria Novella Shampoo ($56) This pomegranate formula comes straight from the oldest, most prestigious pharmacy in Florence and lathers with a powdery, luxurious aroma that reminds us of a glamorous hotel.

Burn Cream MD ($18) What Italian chef hasn?t sustained a burn or two when juggling eight servings of tagliatelle? Mario Batali curbs injuries by personally recommending this cream to his kitchen staff.

[Comfort Zone] Mediterranean Shower Gel ($39) From the Parma-based brand devoted to recreating the sensory experience of the Mediterranean comes an everyday cleanser with an aromatherapy blend of basil, lavender and mandarin.

Eataly, 200 Fifth Ave.; 212-229-2560 or

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