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Feeling bored by your lunchtime salad? We've got a great alternative: My Maki, the new custom-sushi bar that's quickly becoming Midtown's go-to lunch spot.

My Maki follows the design of build-your-own salad joints like Chop't and Hale & Hearty, but applies it to sushi. Patrons select their base (a seaweed or soy wrap) then choose a variety of fillings--from conventional salmon and yellowtail to unexpected ingredients like sun-dried tomatoes, and pineapples.

For the indecisive, there's a tasty menu of signature rolls. We loved the New York ($8.40), a healthy tuna, apple and radish roll, and the more indulgent Big Bird ($8.20), with chicken, Craisins and French's Potato Sticks. We advise forgoing the soy sauce for more interesting condiment options, like edamame-jalapeño sauce or karashi, spicy Japanese mustard.

While the signature rolls are great, customers are encouraged to experiment. We made a roll with spicy tuna, avocado and Doritos that was so surprisingly delicious, we may petition Nobu to add chips to their à la carte menu.

Clearly, some of the rolls are as unconventional as sushi gets, but in a city of infinite salads, it's nice to switch things up with a crawfish-shiitake mushroom roll.

My Maki, 142 E. 43rd St. (between Lexington and Third aves.); 212-682-2795 or

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