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The next time you're in the market for a masterpiece, skip Museum Row and head to Madison Avenue. Frey Wille, the Austrian jewelry house known for translating classic art into wearable accessories, recently opened its first Manhattan store--and we think their goods are as beautiful as anything you'll find at the Met.

Originally founded in Vienna, in 1951, Frey Wille handcrafts pieces inspired by famous artists and mythological creatures. For example, the aqua-blue irises in these 24-karat yellow-gold, oval earrings ($650) evoke Monet's Water Lilies, while the Hoffnung diva bangle ($1,395) channels Gustav Klimt's Hope II. The yellow-gold, Poseidon wave pendant ($490) and the Sphinx Oblong watch ($2,630) are worthy of an exhibit.

Frey Wille's signature prints also take the form of vibrant, silk scarves ($100 to $800), men's ties ($200 to $400) and fountain pens ($1,905). The newest collection, Ode to Joy of Life, is likened to the contemporary art at MoMA.

In this case, it's perfectly okay--and chic--to wear your art on your sleeve.

Frey Wille, 727 Madison Ave. (between 63rd and 64th sts.); 646-682-9030 or

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