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When the warm weather hits, the last thing we want to think about is scrubbing and polishing. But alas, those long-neglected windows aren't going to wash themselves.

Here to help us embrace the mop and bucket is Haven, a Brooklyn-made line of all-natural products that cut grime as effectively as their synthetic-laced counterparts, without damaging the environment.

Inspired by her great-grandparents’ home remedies for scrapes and burns, founder Kayce Thompson-Russ makes her lovely multipurpose cleaning products with gentle castile soap, witch hazel and citric acid, then infuses them with organic essential oils.

The lemon-and-coconut Polishing Spray ($16) silences squeaky hinges and also shines up dull winter boots, and the nonabrasive Scrub ($12) removes soap scum and unclogs drains in minutes when combined with boiling water.

Our top pick is the miracle-in-a-bottle Hand & Dish Soap ($26), which magically cleans greasy pans, dirty floors and stained clothes without drying out our hands after lots of use.

If you really want to get things spic-and-span, invest in the Spring Clean Starter Kit ($88), an assortment of Haven’s best-selling products--complete with biodegradable sponges--that are such a pleasure to use, you may finally tackle that no-man’s-land of dust beneath the bed.

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