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While we're not opposed to juice cleanses, reading up on how high in sugar and low in nutrients they can be is enough to keep us clinging to the potato chips.

Luckily, a new line of tonics and elixirs from locally sourced juice company Body and Eden may finally keep us satisfied the next time we?re in need of a detox.

Concocted by a longtime juicer and a former ballerina, the surprisingly filling drinks boost energy and strengthen the immune system with alkaline-rich veggies like kale, alfalfa and parsley. The company?s slightly sweeter herbal elixirs ($6) are packed with antioxidant-rich ingredients like ginger, almonds and bee pollen.

After getting acquainted with the premixed beverages (with catchy names like Balance, Stability and Breath), email owner Aubrey Levitt to customize your own concoction from Body and Eden?s list of in-season fruits, leafy greens and herbs.

For glowing skin, combine hydrating cucumber and cantaloupe; for stamina, load up on black currants (the high vitamin C content is instantly revitalizing). Body and Eden also offers twice-a-week pickup or delivery throughout Manhattan, so you?ll never go thirsty.

Now, this is our kind of bottle service.

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