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We've heard about the joy of cooking, but tight supermarket aisles and time crunches make us believe it exists only outside Manhattan.  

Sweet Roots NYC is here to prove us wrong. 

Marisa Claire Smith, a former food-shopping-phobe turned avid home cook, started her company to bring city dwellers the satisfaction of creating their own meals with good, wholesome ingredients. 

During a free consultation, she?ll ask you about your taste preferences, health goals, kitchen skill levels and schedule. Pescatarian/omnivore couple? Can?t live without pasta from Arthur Avenue? Bring it on.

For a $250 monthly service-and-shopping fee, Smith will email you weekly personalized menus (three meals for $150 per person per week; five for $200; or seven for $250) based on farmers? market picks and local offerings like Early Bird granola and Salvatore Bklyn's freshly-made ricotta.

Approve your menus and provisions, and at your chosen time, a staff member will deliver an organized box of labeled, pre-measured ingredients, complete with idiot-proof directions. A week?s worth of nutritious breakfasts, such as multigrain toast with almond butter and Stumptown coffee, are also included.

While you?re serving up grilled mackerel with nettle pesto and baked mustard-lime chicken, you may confuse your kitchen for those restaurants you?ve had on speed dial.

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