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Gefilte fish: You either love it, hate it or have no clue what it is. But in the era of the New York Jewish food resurgence (Kutsher's, Mile End, Shelsky's), it's clearly time to rethink this Passover staple.

A new Brooklyn start-up, the Gefilteria, has taken on that challenge, offering up sustainably sourced poached fish loaves that rival your go-to canned selection.

Lighter and less slimy than the usual Seder fare, the Gefilteria's version is made from whitefish, pike and salmon (an inspired substitution for carp). Perhaps most remarkable, it actually tastes like fresh seafood. Schmear a little horseradish on top and you're really in business.

The three-person operation will soon add borscht, pickles and more to the lineup and plans to sell at the Brooklyn Smorgasburg and Hester Street fair.

The Gefilteria currently has a limited supply of Passover-ready gefilte loaves, but the first ten PureWow readers to order today can purchase a ready-made kit ($27) for pickup on Thursday at Vic's Bagel Bar in Manhattan or the Invisible Dog Art Bar in Brooklyn. The kit includes a 24-oz loaf of gefilte (serves 8 to 10 people), a jar of sweet-beet or spicy-carrot horseradish and a pack of Passover black-and-whites.

It's enough to upstage Uncle Mort at this year's Seder.

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