We've always been intrigued by juice cleanses, but avoided them for fear of, well, going hungry.

Which is why we were so excited to discover The Juice Press, a new, raw food-and-drink bar in the East Village, with a series of cleanses for all levels of commitment.

Experienced detoxifiers, for instance, can opt for the ultimate one-to-two-week program ($50 to $60 a day, by delivery or pickup). Novices, however, are encouraged to cleanse for as little as two days. Better yet, they can start by buying the juices a la carte ($7 to $10) and integrating the drinks into their regular diet.

There's also a food plan, which includes healthy solids like oatmeal, kale and raw nori rolls--no wonder the bar has such a devout following.

So how's the juice? We're not going to lie to you: It doesn't taste like ice cream. But it is surprisingly filling and comes in a variety of combos like spicy citrus, sweet potato pie and, our favorite, the brand-new cucumber gazpacho.

Plus, since the bar's opening, it's attracted an impressive celebrity clientele--including Kate Hudson and Naomi Watts--so you just might spot a movie star next time you pick up your raw nut milk ($4).

The Juice Press, 70 E. First St. (between First and Second aves); 212-777-0034 or www.thejuicepressonline.com

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