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Ballet Beautiful
At right: Mary Helen Bowers (photo by Yelena Yemchuk)

After Natalie Portman's Oscar win, we've all got ballet fever. But how do you get a dancer's body without the obsessive training (or brush with insanity)?

Meet Mary Helen Bowers: The professional ballerina-turned-trainer, who taught Portman all her moves for Black Swan, is now sharing her techniques with the rest of us with Ballet Beautiful.

The program is a combination of traditional ballet and strength training, taught online via Skype (and soon, out of Bowers' new Greene Street studio). All classes promise the lean limbs and graceful carriage of a true ballerina, one plié at a time.

The one-hour "classic" class ($40) involves a series of dance movements designed to lengthen your form, while the 30-minute "demi" class ($25) focuses on toning and flexibility. Bowers, who is currently working on a series of master classes for the spring, also offers in-home, private lessons.

The most enchanting aspect of Ballet Beautiful is that no barre, special equipment or previous dance experience is required.

Tutus, however, are welcome.

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