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Oh Brooklyn... from which so many great desigers hail.

Our must-order for the day comes from our favorite outer borough, specifically from Kellar Williams, who has set out to revolutionize DIY jewelry.

Each of her Klik Klik kits ($75) comes with 300 nickel-plated neodymium magnets that snap together to create thousands of custom bracelets, necklaces, armbands, rings and whatever else you can dream up. This may sound like kids' stuff, but the results are completely grownup and high-end - and unique enough to pass for different pieces from day to day.

The website provides how-to videos, and the kit comes with instructions for various creations: a simple chain necklace constructed from linked spheres and wands, or a chunky bracelet that molds to your wrist - but there's also plenty of room for experimenting with your own designs.

Should you prefer ends to means, the online store also offers several ready-to-wear pieces that let you sport the look without having to lift a finger.

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