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Say you've developed a gluten allergy. Or maybe you've been instructed to lower your cholesterol. Or perhaps you've just decided it's finally time to start cooking in an all-around-healthier fashion. You could make a go of it on your own, armed with only your good intentions and dog-eared copies of Prevention. Or you could get some help from health coach Amie Valpone.

Valpone, the former culinary nutritionist for the NBA Fit program, operates under the assumption that "clean" eating need not be devoid of taste. Rather, she encourages her clients to find healthy recipe alternatives to processed staples--spicy cinnamon jicama sticks instead of French fries, for example, or dark-chocolate-covered kale chips instead of cookies--and works with both your taste buds and your dietary restrictions in mind.

Shoot Valpone a message to arrange a 30-minute nutritional analysis (don't worry, she'll be kind), grocery store tour, pantry makeover or one-on-one cooking lesson (prices available upon request; store tours begin at $100). Or simply let her know your eating goals and she'll devise a program specifically for you.

Valpone is happy to come to your house or apartment, and she's also a pro at catering to finicky kids and husbands.

Who knew a healthy reboot could be so easy?

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