It's the same scenario every March: We approach our overly crowded closets, armed with garbage bags and good intentions but just can't seem to toss those dresses that haven't fit since 1998.

Here to kick-start our long overdue spring-cleaning is Korinne Kubena Belock. The former political consultant (who worked on Mike Bloomberg's campaign) has translated her type A personality and impeccable management skills into a tough-love home-organizing business.

Urban Simplicity creates custom storage plans for cluttered rooms, streamlined filing systems for disorganized offices and overall peace of mind for clients living in cramped New York City apartments (hourly rates start at $125). And for ladies who have one too many old frocks on their hangers, Belock just unveiled a Spring Closet Cleanse ($300).

During our three-hour session, she separated our clothes by season, (trench coats and blouses stayed; winter coats and sweaters went into a storage bin), looked at a bag of new purchases and enforced a strict one-in, one-out rule (bye-bye, ratty Dr. Martens) and installed some handy acrylic shelf dividers for the several pairs of jeans we couldn't part with.

Up next: clearing off the dining-room table we haven't seen in five months.

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