We love shopping at the farmers' market, but haggling over kale and root vegetables on frigid Saturday mornings isn't always our thing. So when we discovered New York Mouth, a website that rounds up provisions from NYC artisans and local farms, we couldn't wait to fill up our virtual tote bags.

Featuring a carefully curated shopping list of syrups, granolas and jams, the site is brimming with homemade items from the city's best independent food makers.

We picked up a bag of Hudson Valley roasted coffee beans from 71 Irving ($17) and rye-flour-and-coconut-oil sandcastle cookies ($7) from Moroccan bakery Black and Blanco. The Jackers and Crams gift basket ($90), filled with American Vintage wine crackers and Anarchy in a Jar's strawberry-balsamic jam, is also great for picnics.

Especially mouthwatering are the new farm-fresh selections from Blue Hill. Scoop up the tart apple butter ($14) and plum-elderberry jam ($14) to top over biscuits, and add the pickled cucumbers ($14) to charcuterie plates.

We've already cleared space in our pantry.

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