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While Shannon South appreciates fashion's need for constant reinvention, her motto might best be described as: Out with the old, into the new. Though the New York designer is happy to sell you a brand-new tote, duffel or clutch, she can also make gorgeous creations from your old leather jacket (purses start at $145 and large bags at $225).

The repurposing process (which takes about two weeks) begins with South's careful scrutiny of the item you send in; she's likely to draw inspiration from both her previous designs and your coat's existing detailing and hardware. Next, she deconstructs the jacket, fits a pattern to it and re-stitches the material into a lovely new bag that retains your beloved bomber's original integrity.

South can customize orders based on just about anything in her shop. And don't feel limited to leather: Check out these adorable clutches made from vintage fur coats.

Even if you don't have a used jacket to reincarnate, you can still nab purses made from repurposed "pre-loved" leather. We like the Whythe ($225), Hudson ($325) and Sonoma styles ($325).

Got questions about whether your Top Gun knockoff would work as a messenger? Send a photo to to discuss the item's potential second life.

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