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We know that acupuncture is now widely considered both noncontroversial and effective. (Our doctor suggested it for a recent running injury.) But something about the idea of getting poked with pins always kept us away.

Turns out we were fools not to try it sooner, as was evidenced by our recent visit to the YinOva Center.

Founders Jill Blakeway and Noah Rubinstein (the husband-and-wife team The New York Times deemed the city's best acupuncturists) are totally modern-science friendly, operating under the assumption that many common ailments--migraines, insomnia, infertility--can be treated with a combination of Chinese and Western medicine. In fact, Blakeway cowrote her 2009 book, Making Babies, with a reproductive endocrinologist.

The spa-like Union Square center is equally reassuring. We were ushered into a dimly lit treatment room and asked a series of questions about our health before the acupuncture began.

For that pesky foot problem, Rubinstein (who specializes in sports injuries) prescribed a series of needle insertions--not painful, we promise--followed by a soothing rubdown with traditional herbs.

But did it work? Well, the foot does feel significantly better two days later, and we can't help but notice an overwhelming sense of calm.

The YinOva Center, 74 E. 11th St. (between Broadway and University Pl.); 212-533-2255 or

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